I’m 42 after all

Ok, so I’m rather young looking. I’m thin,  in good shape, I don’t grow facial hair much, I still have my hair on my head, and gray hair is just starting to come in a bit.

People don’t believe me when I say I’m 42. HOWEVER, today my body is confirming my age.

Yesterday evening I went to Astoria Queens.  A friend is giving away a nice metal bed frame for free (with head and footboard!), and I’m moving it to my place in stages. Yesterday I went over and took the frame apart to load it into my car: two long struts on the side of the frame(maybe fifteen/twenty pounds each),  seven cross bars (maybe five pounds each) and six light planks of wood (maybe three pounds each.)

Over six trips I brought them to my car. When I got home I brought some in last night and the rest in today…


My right shoulder is sore. Not really sore as in “worked out hard last night” but I think it’s slightly sprained.

I have no idea what did it. Maybe lifting the heavier beams high to get a good angle into my car? Or carrying the headboard to the car to try to put it in my car, only to have to bring it back up because it didn’t fit?

Yeah, that was probably it. Ugh.

Note to self…. you’re too old to NOT stretch before activity.


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