I think I’ve been cyberbullied

So on Facebook I “Like” some comic book movie pages because I’m a big fanboy  (a word invented to make geeks feel good about themselves.)

I commented about a certain upcoming movie,  gave my opinion, and of course others have opinions on my opinions. Some agreed with me,  many didn’t.  It’s all good.

One guy who didn’t agree with me just said “Kill yourself Rex.”

Harsh. Who says things like that? People with issues that’s who. And people who just don’t care. Generally, people on social media who don’t know you. I’ve written a few posts ages ago about “Social Media Muscles” that people say things like that because they’re empowered by relative anonymity, or just people not caring to follow up with him in person.


So I replied simply “You’re right, you’re smart, I’m dumb. Let’s make up : )”

Who does that? Keep it classy, buddy.


  1. “Kill” him with kindness?? This dude obviously has very low self-esteem. I’m curious what he’s “like” once he gets off In-Your-Face-Book? Just keep up your charm, Sir!

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