Reserve the hotel ASAP

Ugh. I thought I learned this lesson before. Back in Sept at my nephew’s wedding.  But apparently I’d forgotten it.

So my friend “Sadie” is getting married end of August.  I met Sadie eons ago in 1996 or 1997 at a pub in the town near the ski resort of Hunter Mountain NY. 

My friends and I rented a house there for fun on the weekends.  I only skied once the whole season. I don’t ski and it was awful.  But I DO drink, so that’s what I did every weekend there.  In the house and in the bars in the area. And one bar had cover bands and back then wow did I follow cover bands.

So there I was with my friends. I was screaming my head off, singing along with the band, ran away from my friends to the front of the dance floor near the band.

And there was Sadie. And “Stef” and “Judy.”

Judy and I started talking and eventually made out all over the bar like drunken idiots because we WERE drunken idiots. She wouldn’t come back to my house so I got her number. And I got Sadie’s email address,  she was in my work industry. Stef was so much fun too. All cool chicks.

I soon had a date with Judy back at home. Picked her up at the house that she was a live-in nanny at. We went to dinner, took her home, had sex. Never saw her again.

I tried to but she never returned my call, as I understand it she had a lot of action at that time.

But I emailed Sadie and we stayed in touch.  Cool chick, fun, pretty, likes cover bands.  What’s not to like?

We’d see each other at bars seeing that band. I think back then she had a bf but broke up eventually. We still hung out, saw movies, had lunch (worked near each other,) I even took her to my company holiday party and two weddings.

As friends.  We never hooked up.  I never made a move.  Back then I was pretty shy, not very assertive though I was often the wold life of the party. I was too in my head. (Not that I have the world by the balls now, but even this as I am today is an improvement.)

Sure Sadie and I would swing dance and laughed and yadda. But it just didn’t happen. Ugh, The 90s (and the early 2000s) weren’t good too me, or I wasn’t good to me during the 90s. I know,  I know… “no regrets”… but I have plenty.

Anyway so Sadie and I are longtime friends now. I’ve spent New Years with her and her friends, visited her in MA. Met her mom and brother many times. Been to a vinyard with her. Many times Stef was there too. I’ve been to her house too, know her husband, met her kids, met up with at bars. And everybody’s on Facebook. And I’m the life of the party whenever we meet.

So all that said, Sadie’s getting married late August WAY out on Long Island.  So far out that driving all the way home after a night wedding isn’t feasible. I wasn’t even invited with a guest. I’ve been Mr Single pretty much my entire fucking life so why would I be invited with a guest when a headcount counts at a wedding? I’m going, but I was totally intending on leaving that night a bit early and crashing at a friend’s house a little further in. Rex didn’t have a yob until recently to a hotel room,  even though they have blocks at hotels,  want in the cards.


Sadie tells me that some people couldn’t make it and there are openings.  AND she knows I was dating Mona.

As I mentioned in Making future plans, Mona is now going.  To a wedding WAY OUT on Long Island. And crashing at a friend’s house is now not an option.  So I try to book a room at any of the the hotels where Sadie had blocks.


Of the block anyway. And almost of the rest of hotel too.. I got the LAST ROOM in the hotel. No discount.  Market value.  I’m spending probably $150 more than I would if I had the wedding discount.


Ok, Live and learn. Even if I’m iffy on staying at the hotel,  RESERVE ANYWAY.  I can always cancel (within a certain time frame.)

PS Judy got pregnant not long after our date. Sadie and Stef did the math and it’s NOT mine.


  1. You may be able to negotiate at check out. We (Hilton) often honored the group rate for a room outside the block, especially if the hotel was not sold out on that night. It doesn’t hurt to ask.☺ p.s…call the night auditor/late night clerk to ask if you want to avoid the “seeming cheap” at the check out desk. They are usually more liberal with

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  2. Coming out to the ilse of long, very nice, but yes totally sucks the price gauging especially the further east you go. Nice catching up on some of your blog since I’ve been MIA recently, congrats with Mona 🙂 hope you guys have a fantastic time at the wedding, and the job front as well. And yes Love the P.S 😉


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