Someone falls on a bike, breaks the tension

So one of my bosses and I are not gelling well. Our communications just don’t make sense to each other. Maybe it’s our personalities. Or maybe we both can’t text or email properly.

I don’t want to Skype voice call her all the time. So I text/email. But I’m finding that she doesn’t quite read thoroughly,  mine or hers.  Examples:

-I did something good and she texted “I know I can’t on you. ”

Huh? I asked for clarity and she corrected herself “I mean I CAN on you.”  Oooojhhhkay  I think she meant that she can count on me but I had no energy to ask her again.

-I emailed and asked “Do I leave (email verbiage to a client) like (this) or should I change it to (that)??

She replied “yes.”

-Emails from her generally are snippets of thoughts and I find that when I call for clarity I get more info that I need.

There have been a few other examples of this.  And she’s rather quick with me if I make a mistake and let’s face it, I’m only here two weeks. 

Ok I’m HYPER communicative at this point, asking her many things. I warned her. I’ve never worked in this side of the business.

I understand, she’s got many balls in the air,  lots of pressure on projects and having a staff of consultants to deal with. I get it. She’s a bit frantic. I tend to feed off it and get that way too, then our comminication gets really poor.

She called me today to get clear on something, asked what it was between us.

Now of course I can’t read her the list of gripes.

Just then, there was a crash on her side of the phone. She went away came back in 30 seconds.  Somebody had fallen on a bike outside her house.

But that was the tension breaker we needed. We moved on to deal with the business that we were discussing and forgot that we weren’t communicating well.

It’s up to me to adjust my ways yo ensure she gets me, at least until I have some kind of relationship with her. I have to up my game. And it would be nice if I could find a light hearted way to let her know that I can’t read her mind.

Of course, this is my side. Who knows what’s going on in her world.?

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  1. I am actually in the middle of certifying to be a trainer for a leadership system (one of many out there I admit). However most of them have one common thread – productivity is a result of both the leader and employee making style adjustments to increase productivity.

    I just am making that observation because I noticed you stated that you had to get used to your managers style. However if she is a good leader then she will also make adjustments to your working style.

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