Socks and Sandals

So ok, this post be my most contraversial.  Many people up in arms. I get it. But hear me out:

I wore socks with sandals the other day.  And I was justified.


First of all, these are not sandals. These are my “Closed Toed, Ventilated, Summer Footware.” But ok… “sandals” is easier to say.

So normally, yes, sandals are for bare feet. I’m with you in that.

HOWEVER, the other day I was home working, in my socks (and other clothes too) and I had to go outside to get lunch.

And it wasn’t that hot outside, so walking out with bare feet was not in order. And I was already wearing socks. And my Closed-Toed, Ventilated, Summer Footware was nearby. They’re like shoes with extra air in them.

So yeah, I got some looks as I was ordering my sandwich.  They obviously didn’t know I found a loophole in the system.

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  1. I have to admit that I am with you on this one. The last time I wore my socks and sandals, I think I was wearing my bright red gym shorts and a blue shirt with orange lettering.

    Oh…and I have a flip-phone too!

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  2. Hahahaahah… I’ll go with the qualifier and support ya. I would have gone with a dark pair of socks, I wear (Even as I write this!) that very same brand and construction. However, mine are black, so wearing dark-gray socks would have worked. So an “Okay” with a qualifier. White would not be my first choice. But I understand. Ever consider just going with naked feet? I’d say bear feet, but I did not see any fur or claws. (I love homo phones!) So Dennis and GR and I are behind you on this one.


  3. LMAO! I gotta be on your side, Rex. I don’t see anything wrong with a short run for food, wearing the sandals and socks. But then again, I’m old, and really don’t give a damn what other people say about me!

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  4. There are two things in life that I am 100% inflexible on:

    1. Socks are NEVER worn with sandals (I live in Florida, I am an expert on casual footwear).

    2. The only proper way for a roll of toilet paper to be placed with with the “free” end hanging down the front.



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