Making future plans

So Mona has been talking about her schedule in August and September and how it may affect our dating schedule. I gotta say, I like what I’m hearing. I mean, things are going great so far. We laugh, we talk, we do it. Early relationship stuff. Going well.

It’s going so well that I asked her to a wedding at the end of August. I had mentioned the wedding a while ago that I was going alone.  Actually I was even invited alone. But then weeks ago,  my friend “Tina” who’s getting married told me that space has opened up and I could bring a date.  Since then, I had still been waiting to see how things would turn out with a Mona before I invited her.

Last week I mentioned it as a possibility. Last night I decided to pull the trigger.

And… She had ALREADY cleared the date with her hopefully-soon-to-be-ex-husband. AND she also cleared getting home later than normal (noon rather than 7am) because the wedding is WAY out on Long Island easily an hour and a half from where Mona lives, and a night wedding, so we’d be staying at a hotel.

And she was right.

It’ll be the first time dancing (kinda) and the first time meeting any friends. And I know Tina’s friends and some family,  it’ll be a fun time.

Mona’s got two great dresses to choose from already. Gives me a chance to break out one of my new suits (Note to self: GET YOUR NEW SUITS ALTERED!!!!!)

So end of August puts us past the key 3 Month period. I’m not sayin anything.  I’m jussayin’ : )

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