Reunited and it feels so… clique-y

So last night was a high school reunion.  Not a special year, just a “why not?” Kinda thing. 

We had our 20th a few years ago which was the first reunion we’ve ever had. It was well attended, from my year and the year before us and the year after us, held in the same catering hall where we had the prom and it was fancy. No gowns and tuxes, mind you, but still felt fancy.

Yesterday’s was low key, at a big pub on Long Island. It was put together on Facebook and there were 60ish people who said they’d attend on the FB invite. A fellow alum was putting it together. He had the connection with the pub.

However, people had to then mail a check and pay ahead of time, I saw the list last night and it looked more like 20.

And last night there was more like 8 of us who showed up. Luckily, one guy I had many classes with was there, “Bob,” with his sister who graduated the year before us and I knew her in passing. “Jen.”

There were two other women there whom I knew existed and knew their faces but I never spoke to in high school. “Wendy” and “Vicki.” Beautiful women. The “cool crowd” back then. So I met them last night.  After 10 minutes they walked away from me, Bob and Jen and we never saw them again. I think they left early.

Everyone still stays in their own cliques.

Then two more women came in. One of whom I know since the first grade. “Betty.” But by the time high school came around we barely spoke. We went to the same college too. But after the first semester never saw her again.  Betty came in with “Ava” whom I barely know.  We all exchanged pleasantries. Caught up a bit, our families and current events. Then they went somewhere else in the pub.


The guy who put it together, “Dean,” spent most of the time on the dance floor with people I didn’t recognize,  either alum that I never hung with, or his own people.

And that’s about it.

There was an 80s theme of the band and the dj so we knew all the songs, since we graduated in the late 80s. For example…


And I realized that all of the bartenders weren’t even alive when any of those songs came out.

Bob and Jen went all out. Rented a room at a nearby hotel since Bob’s in NJ so they could PAR TAY. I thought it only right to hang with them until they had enough since it was a disappointing turnout (and Bob missed the last one.)

I mean I wanted to anyway.  Bob’s good people.  And his sister and I got along really well very quickly. She was quick to grab my arm and and a chest touch, which didn’t suck. I may be in a relationship, but I can appreciate being touched in that way.

At some point,  I moved us onto the dance floor near Betty and Ava and tried to all hang together. I even took Betty’s hand and gave her a few swings like swing dancing. Betty was always in the beauty upper echelon as well so that was nice. Then I brought up something and we reminisced a bit more. But there were no attempts to engage coming back my way.

Eh, we had nothing to say to each other in high school, why would that change now?

If it weren’t for Bob and Jen, it would have been a waste for me.

I know putting a big event together is difficult. The event date didn’t work for lots of people. But I don’t understand the people who paid ahead of time but didn’t go.

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