Two Months

So yesterday was two months that Mona and I are dating. Neither of us realized it, I did just now after looking over past blog posts.

Ok maybe she knew but she hasn’t said anything.

I saw her last night. Went to her office after hours. I brought her a big, fake sunflower (she’s got a tattoo of a sunflower.) It was an impulse buy on the way out of my neighborhood. I didn’t have time to buy real flowers but still got some “sweet” points.

We just ordered food in, I gave her a massage finally because I lost a bet a month ago, and we fooled around.

She’s my girlfriend. We haven’t discussed Relationship Status but… duh. It’s an automatic weekend date
She has a toothbrush, makeup remover, deodorant, a phone charger and two pillows at my place (i have like 8 pillows and she hates them all.) We text good morning and goodnight. We’re not trying to date anyone else.  We’re making plans a month out.

(Yes I have 8 pillows, I try new ones to help me sleep better but don’t get rid of any others.)

I know I know she has a weird situation at home, but I’ll admit, she’s my girlfriend.

I will NOT bring this up with her, but that’s the deal. I think because she’s living with her husband who she’s in the prices of divorcing, we’re not in a,rush to label it. Ok that’s how it is for me, I can’t read her mind. I ASSUME that’s how it is for her. We’ll see.

The L word was said last night too.  Ok by me. No not “I love you” but “I love this” making a particular view of her face,  laying down beside me in bed (futon), mentioning that i wanted a pic of it. We tried but it didn’t do justice. Ok it’s not the same thing as “I love you” but hey, the word made its first appearance with us.

It’s a step.

And yes,  I walked her to her car even though we had to pass mine to get to hers : )

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