Questionable and Unknown Blog Search Terms!

Ok I check my blog stats multiple times every day, to see:
-how many people are visiting
-visitation from other countries (117 countries overall (+ the European Union (which I’m not sure how that works,)) with my first visit from Macedonia today!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Search Terms. Man I get a kick of seeing what people are searching for before they arrive at GRex.

My most popular search terms were about Selfie, Zonkey and Loud Kissing

Selfies and Loud Kissing I can understand. But honestly, people are searching for Zonkey?

Yesterday I got a visit from my most… colorful search term to date. And I quote:
“Dad and I fucking grandma, aunt, mom ,cousins and her sister”

Time out! I do not post about incest or sex(other than the mention that I occasionally have sex [non-incestuous]). And that’s not just incest that they’re searching for, that’s a Family Bang.

(Did I just say “Family Bang”? I’m going to Hell)

So yes, how is this possible?  So… I Googled that term (and I’m probably on the authorities’ “watch list” now.)

So on the ELEVENTH PAGE of search results, there’s the ol’ “Gratuitous Rex” but it’s not a particular post… it’s my entire Family category because it has mentions of many family members.

I didn’t know an entire category could be a search result.


So with that… with all of those wacky search terms that are listed, there are over a thousand inside the Unknown Search Terms bucket.

I am REALLY curious now.

Posted from WordPress for Android

Posted from WordPress for Android


  1. Amazing what people search and find. Mine top search term is Sunny Leone who is a porn star for India. Those Indians are some perverts for sure, I’m visited in India more than any country other than the states!

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  2. I get a ton of weird ones, as you can imagine, probably mostly from my Craigslist posts. I wish there was feedback….like was the person that searched for “old, flaccid dick pic” disappointed when they found my blog instead?

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