Clocking Out

So ok, I knew this would happen with this job. It’s the nature of the beast.

So I’m not a full-time employee, I’m a consultant.  Technically a freelancer. The company is technically comprises two employees, and 5 consultants,  including me. And based on the projects brought in by the employees, the consultants work.

So far I’ve been put on two projects and did some other all things. Projects were kinda fun, a lot of contacting companies and talking to them about getting rights to use the companies’ products, names in media, or their clients’ names (I’ve spoken to a few agents, or rather they’ve spoken VERY QUICKLY to me. I think that stuff is fun.  I’m a Connector in the Gladwellian sense.)

I’ve also already communicated with people across the country and in some other countries in only four days. Interesting stuff.

However, when the jobs are done, or at least when the next steps are out of my hands, what is there to do?

Clock out.

I get paid hourly so I actually have an online time sheet so I enter my out time there (come to think of it I really need to use that sheet better while on a project, to be accurate.) Then I keep an eye on ye ol email for updates or jobs coming in.

I’m not exactly thrilled by this. But it’s more than making $0 which was what I was getting.

So how do I use this time?
A. Yell and curse the gods
B. Blog
C. Look for a full time gig
D. All of the above


I actually had a phone interview at 1230 today, i spoke to an HR guy from a big company about a job similar to what i used to do when i was in a position that i didn’t feel like a good fit for. I’m pretty sure I’m not interested in it but he’ll send me the official job specs later today so I’ll give it another looksee. It DOES pay 20% more than my last job, but the commute would be a bitch or I’d have to move, and the duties aren’t quite what I want to do, nor do I think that I’m primed for it. I don’t want to jam a square peg into a round hole.

So after I clocked out, I followed up on one interview that I had on July 2. Actually the day to follow up was Friday July 10. Now it’s later but oh well.

Then I saw a position at a company a friend works at. I emailed him and asked for a reco.

Then a recruiter called me out of the blue, said that he had something. He sent me the job specs, looks good so yes, here’s my updated resume.

Apply away!

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