My boss doesn’t want to hear it

So on Friday around 2pm, Mona was at the doctor and texted some (what sounded like) bad news, so I called her. During that conversation, my boss called on Skype. I sent him a text only Skype message that I couldn’t talk and would call back in a bit.

5 minutes later I called him back, and started to explain that my girlfriend was at the doctor….

…He went straight onto business, barely listening. He didn’t care,  and really, why would he?

We’re not friends, he’s got plenty of things going on keeping a business running, needs me to jump on a project ASAP, my excuses don’t mean anything, I wasnt in trouble. We work together… let’s get to work.

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  1. I’ve learned sometimes it’s easier to just say I was in the middle of something important and got back to you as soon as I could and leave it at that. 🙂


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