The Universe has got my back, but be gentle

Ok so in Check the menu I mentioned that I made the mistake of not checking the prices at a restaurant that I went to with Mona(restaurant was MY suggestion) and I paid more than I wanted for dinner. Combined with other expenses lately, while being unemployed, had me more concerned about finances.

Ok I started working again but it’s freelance and will still be tight. And in a blog post or maybe a comment to a fellow blogger,  I noted that this Saturday past was to be a fun date with Mona and a park with rides that looked like it would be expensive, again my suggestion.  And lately I’ve been paying for mostly everything.

I know there are strong opinions on both sides of the “who pays for dates” aisle, especially in the beginning (13 dates over 8 or so weeks.)

A fellow blogger actually suggested changing plans to ordering in/watch a movie. I didn’t want to change but in the future would implement.

Until… Mona got a UTI and possible kidney stones. Pain and discomfort this week, and although she was feeling better after receiving antibiotics on Friday, it became clear that she needed a easier date than roller coaster rides.

Ok the universe answered my needs but in a pretty drastic way.

So she came over my place. We went to the park by the water and laid on a sheet for hours in great weather. Nice temp in the shade, found a spot away from people, great breeze. Fun time.

The tone took a dip only when she brought up things things that happened last week, and that I wasn’t as communicative on text this week and thought there was a correlary relationship.

She needed to air The List out in person.

Yes there’s a list transgressions that I’ve found women generally have and they need to air out when there’s relationship turbulence. Don’t deny it. I’ve found that part of the healing process where women defrag with a man to reset the relationship. I was expecting it. She said what she had to say, I honestly heard her. I didn’t want to deep dive into every issue because,  let’s face it,  it wouldn’t make a difference. I know that. But I did add a little color when absolutely necessary.

She was heard and gotten. We cuddled and snogged in the park for another 30 minutes or so. All was good.


We then went to a great Italian restaurant literally on my corner (i made sure to pull her chair out. It’s a small touch.) Food was great and SHE PAID.

Came back to my place, watched a movie intertwined on the couch,  went to bed,  fooled around. Woke up at 520am, rolled in bed a bit and… yes. .. I walked her to her car this time.

All parties were happy.

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  1. I don’t think the List is too bad to be honest. Everyone had their own way of dealing with things and frankly I’d rather someone tell me what bothers them straight out then hold onto it and let it fester until “it’s the appropriate time” to mention it.

    I like the fact that she’s comfortable enough to be crazy early on. Because, let’s face it, we’re all crazy – we just wait until we’re sure the other person won’t run away before letting it out.

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