The Hostess Coincidence

So this is not quite the same type of coincidence as I usually post,  but still weird.

So I walked into a bar in Manhattan’s Financial District to meet a friend. I was heading straight to the bar area, already scanning, looking for my friend, so I passed the hostess, barely saw her but i caught a glimpse as i was passing. Some really pretty Asian girl, 23 years old max, long hair. She might have said something to me but I barely heard it.

Wait, she looked familiar. I slowed down as I passed her and just ogled for a second. “Wait… are you…?” I inquired.

“Yes, I recognized you, that’s why I said ‘hey, I know you'” she said.

This lovely girl works in the bagel store a block from my apt in southern Brooklyn, 22 miles away from the bar we were at, at that moment. She makes me coffee on most mornings.

And when I found my friend, she seated us as well.

Damn she’s cute.


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