A Work Call, a Cut and a Podcast?

So my work call yesterday was to be on Skype. Now I’ve barely used Skype, but luckily I tested it with this new computer two days ago. Video is crisp, as is the audio.

So I moved my laptop to an area of my living room that has better lighting. Then I cleared the background items: wine rack, magazines, a folding chair, a step ladder. Ok I’m set.

Waitaminute, I need to look presentable. I shaved and threw on a Polo shirt.

Ok I’m set. I tested the video again. Good angle.

Wait… what’s that on the wall? The nude my brother drew.
It’s very nice, but not for a video call. I took it down.

Then I noticed that there was to be three of us on the call. A 3 way video call? That’s possible? I’ve never done a 3 way video call before.

Oh God. I can’t refer to it as a “3 way” while ON the call. I can’t be that guy who says “3 way” on a work conference call. That would be bad. So I practiced saying “a video conference with three parties. A video conference with three parties…”

So the call happened, and DAMMIT… audio only. With only one person. Oh well. Better safe than sorry.

The two hour call took only one hour. Bad for my working hours (I’m on an hourly wage)… but good for my hair. I was able to go into Manhattan and get a haircut.

“Into Manhattan? Rex, you live in Brooklyn, aren’t there people who can cut your hair every 400 feet?”

Yes this is true, but I like my barbers. 3 47-55 year old Italian guys (as in FROM Italy, not just their heritage). I walk in an it’s “Ay (my first name in Italian)! Ciao! Che fai?” And it’s not badly priced-$25 including tip. I was introduced to them by a friend. They’re near my old office in the East Village.

“But Rex, don’t you have, like, short hair? It’s not rocket science to cut, you know.”

Ok ok fine. But I like them. Fuck off.

I already warned Mona about the haircut. She, like many women, likes some hair on the back of my head to grab. Sorry Mone, it’s the summer.

After that I met up with friends for drinks in the Financial District. It was one friend’s birthday but I’m closER with the other, “Frankie.” Frankie and I are not that close, but every now and then I’ll get a text to hang out. We met through a friend at a New Year’s Eve a few years ago and we bonded right there. We’re from the same neighborhood, similar senses of humor.

Had a couple drinks, some chicken parm. Then the birthday boy went home.  Frankie, out if the blue, says that he’s been “thinking about this for a while” and wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing a podcast with him.


He’s very political but it wouldn’t be.  More topical in general, filled with banter.

Banter is awesome. Just bouncing ideas off each other humorously. Often leading to hysterics, or at least cleverness.

I have to say, I’ve been looking for someone to do a podcast-type  of thing.

Ok “looking” is a strong word.  “Thinking about looking ” is more accurate. But this landed in my lap.

“YES I’m interested.”

It also says something about the friendship, that he wants to become better friends. That’s great to hear… from someone I’d like to be better friends with anyway.

Neither one of us knows how to produce a pocast, but we’ll deal with that tomorrow.

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  1. You sound like you really do have the most intriguing humor. I really do love reading your posts…addicting!
    By the way, “Neither one of us knows how to produce a podcast, but we’ll deal with that tomorrow. “ <-I would love to know how this turns out. 😉

    ~slave bri

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