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Ok,  I’ve been Mister Unemployed Man for a while but for the past seven weeks I’ve been dating “Mona.” Due to scheduling of when I get to her area,  or the fact that she has spent a couple nights at my place… we’ve had dinner on all but one date.

Out of 12 dates we’ve had 11 dinners. I’ve paid for 9 out of 11 dinners, she treated on one, the other we made together.)

Now ok.  I’m a man. We’re courting. That’s what we do. We pay. But my credit card has been getting a workout.

Laat night we went to a restaurant at a hotel that we went to on our first date (we only went to the hotel BAR on the first date : ) )

And as I picked her up I realized that I forgot to check the menu. She always does and she did for this one too. She has to. She’s gluten-free and she hates seafood. And this place happened to be MAINLY SEAFOOD. She said it was fine. Still, that’s my lesson.

BUT looking at the menu also does one thing… tells me the PRICES.

We went there. We were All In on this place. And yep, it was on the expensive. With two appetizers, two entrees and I had one alcoholic drink it was $111 without tip. Ok ok, we didn’t have to have appetizers. She wasn’t going to have one but since I did she had a salad. And I didn’t need a cocktail. It was a Monday night.

And the weird thing is… I CHOSE THE RESTAURANT. Out of laziness really. We’d been to the hotel bar before, but not the restaurant. How bad could it be, right?

(Sigh) Ok here’s my Mastercard.

Yes,  I start my new job tomorrow.  However,  my pay grade is not what it was at my old job.

And on top of that… I just spent $1700 on a new Mac computer. My old one was shot and my new job needs me to work on my home computer. It works but it is so slow and a RAM upgrade alone won’t cut it. I could probably write (at least some of) it off when taxes come around. We’ll see.

AND I just spent $500+ on my deductible for car repairs. UGH.

I have to bring some responsibility back to my finances. This could get ugly of I’m not careful.

PS Great date otherwise. Went back to Mona’s office and christened the new futon.

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  1. I don’t know how men do it. I always offer to pay every other date because I know what it’s like to “not have the money.” Next date YOU pick the restaurant, and hopefully she’ll return the favor. If not, hmmmmmm….be careful.

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  2. ok…she’s knows you are unemployed and she still expects you to pay?!?!? honestly, i think that’s just not cool…these past couple of posts about her is giving me a not so good vibe about her….

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  3. Ok Rex, here’s my take on your situation. I dated for many years before I got married at 36, so I know a thing or three. Mona is taking you for a ride. The fact she still lives with her ex is very suspect. I know they are weird circumstances, but the fact you are/were unemployed and she’s expecting to be wined and dined are pretty lame. If you really like someone and they are in your situation, they would go dutch. I think most women wouldn’t expect the guy to constantly be picking up the tab.

    I’m sure she’s a lovely person, I would just be very cautious.

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