I got a job! And another interview!

As I’ve stated, I didn’t get the job that I interviewed four times with recently.

But yesterday I found out that I DID get the consulting job that I also interviewed for recently.




It’s not full time, billed by hour. The hourly rate is less than my last position when brown broken down by hour. I havr to save my tax money and pay up next year. I have to be available to work M-F 9am-6pm, though they are not paying me for my availability, just my work hours. My 401k has not donations. Also… I have to fully pay for my health care.

So why am I doing it? Because I’m desperate. I need SOME money… badly. There… I said it. It IS an interesting part of the media industry that I’ve never worked in, but my skills transfer.

And… I’m going to still interview for a full time job. I’m not sure if that’s messed up, but I am. I have to look out for me. In fact, I had one today.  In person. And as far as I can tell… I CRUSHED it.

At my request, a former colleague put in a good word and I got the invitation to come in for an interview. So last night, even though in my calendar it said “CLEAN YOUR APARTMENT, FOOL!!!!!!”, I could not clean to prepare for Mona’s arrival in Friday. I needed to study the company.

Since being unemployed I’ve developed a method: re-write the company’s business in a notebook and take note if questions.

So today we discussed my qualifications a for a bit. I gave her the breakdown that I think goes well with the position I’m interviewing for. “So what do you know about our competitors?” she inquired.

“Oh… you mean (flip through my notebook and read off list of the competitors that I also put together doing my research.)

That’s right, Ms Hiring Manager… Gratuitous Rex brought his glove and he came to play!!!!”

Then time for MY questions. I flip through my notebook again, and BLAMMO I got a half hour worth of questions.


PS We’ll see how it goes. The holiday weekend is coming.  She’ll know about next rounds by next Friday. I think this consultant job is flexible, like I can set hours once I get going ie start late, end late, or take a couple hours in the middle of the day off.

I hope.

PPS I’ll scour the apartment tonight.
I feel kind of weird interviewing while I just accepted another job.

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