The Urgency Paradigm aka Procrastination is so dramatic

Ok, Mona is coming over on Friday. Like 11am on Friday. (Rex looks around his messy apartment at 12:25am late Tuesday night and PANICS!!!!!!!!!!!)

The crib is NOT clean. It’s ok, but when a lady comes over everything needs a good wipe down, sweeping, mopping, etc.

Truth be told, I’m a slob. Heck, I still have to find all of the papers I crammed in random places from the last time she came over. And what is a slob, really, but someone who’s procrastinating cleaning. Or at least that’s me. I know being clean is the move… but my friends need visiting, Facebook statuses need updating, movies that I’ve seen already need watching,  etc. I just keep putting stuff off until there’s some urgency.

And objectively… when one puts stuff off, in the physical world, inaction is laziness.

That’s such an awful word and easy of being. I know someone, an elder, who wears that like a “Woe is me” badge of honor. “I just wish I wasn’t so lazy.” Like he caught The Laziness virus and it’s now in his system forever.

Procrastination too becomes almost a joke to some people, like it’s a badge of honor “oh I’m SUCH a procrastinator” people say with a smile on my face. I’m just the opposite, I say it with a scowl.

Ugh, such drama.

Urgency is the mortal enemy of procrastination (ok one could say “commitment” “courage” “focus” etc, but I’m going with the urgency paradigm.) Honestly,  that’s how I operate everything in my life. I want to get around to lots of things but, eh, there’s always tomorrow. But once things become imminent then it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK, RED ALERT!!!!!!!

Urgency is the key. With doing… you know… like… ANYTHING in life. I guess laziness is when doing nothing is urgent. Intellectually that makes no sense, but oh, that’s what happens.

So I wrote in my calendar for Wednesday and Thursday evenings “CLEAN YOUR APARTMENT,  FOOL!!!!!!”

What kind of life would I have if I related to everything I wanted to do as if it was a lady coming over in a few days? Perhaps I’d finally learn Italian,  the piano, jiu jitsu, html, java, write a screenplay, do stand up comedy again, finish the Game of Thrones books, be in a committed relationship, get a job, own a home, go in an international vacation, have a child.

Hmmmm…. I’m going to have to making “being urgent” urgent.

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