It’s called a “period” but I like to think of it as a “comma”

Hung out with Mona tonight. We figured out that it was our tenth date.

We picked up food then went back to her office to eat. She’s even got a new futon for her office, so as long as her divorce is still pending, if a date is in her neck of the woods we can… hang out… there.

She had her monthly friend over today, we made the best of it but hopefully it’ll be gone by Friday. She’s taking off work and we’re spending the day/night together. We may go into the city and see/do some cool stuff, but honestly,  we’re probably going to just laze about my apartment.

I’m VERY happy with how this is going, especially given all of the weird dating in the beginning of the year, and me still being unemployed.

I’m into her, she’s into me. We have a great physical relationship and we enjoy talking to each other and laughing. All good stuff.

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  1. The relationship is sounding “serious”?? Glad you both are enjoying each other’s company and you seem compatible. Keep on – keeping on, Broha!

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