Godfather Love

So my friend “Robert” named me godfather to his daughter last year.  I’ve known Rob since 1984. We don’t exactly talk or see each other all the time. We don’t really have feel conversations when we do. But there’s a ton of love and when we see each other is complete fun and relaxation.

Plus his wife, “Samantha,” is awesome and she’s crazy about me too. So the godfather title is like a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Their daughter is “Sophie.”

I don’t see them all that often so when Soph was a baby she never really had a chance to get used to me, but now that she’s almost two and officially a toddler she’s old enough to interact a bit.

I went over Rob’s house today and Sophie and I had some fun interactions.  Lots of smiling and waving, ran over to me a few times. She even opened her arms for a hug once.

Beautiful girl and family, I’m glad they’ve made me family.

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One comment

  1. Awesome! Just remind her that she’s ONLY allowed to date a boy big enough to kick your ass! Then remind her that there will NEVER be a boy big enough to do that! (even if she tries to date a linebacker from the NY Giants…. he’s still not going to be big enough to kick The Godfather’s ass)

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