Back at the Gym aka Arm Grabbing

So I hit the gym today. First time in a month or so. Chest and back. Honestly, dating Mona has thrown my schedule off for some reason and I haven’t been that determined to make working out happen. I enjoy some time off.

I’d been working out pretty steady for a year or so (and on and off since I was a teenager.) I’ve never been huge into packing on the muscle excessively,  bulking up with protein shakes etc, but I’m in pretty good shape and a month off hasn’t hurt me too badly. 

Mona and I text a lot so I mentioned that I was at the gym. She let me know that she rather enjoys grabbing my arms.

I’m no idiot, of course I’ve noticed her grabbing my arms. The “arm grab” is one of women’s basic IOI’s (Indicators of Interest.) And I admit, I flex a little whenever I sense an arm grab coming.

Well, like all people with pulses, i enjoy attention, admiration and the physical touch of another. I guess now I’ve set a precedent, gotta keep it up. There are worse things that could happen.


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