Sleepy Weekdays

So when Mona and I first started dating,  we’d only see each other on the one day on the weekend when she doesn’t have the kids: Friday night or Saturday usually starting in the afternoon.

She lives two counties away and if there’s zero traffic the trip can be done in 45 minutes.

Unfortunately,  there’s zero traffic usually only on the ride HOME at night.  But as the affinity grew, we needed a second day. She can do Monday or,Wednesday night after work.

This weekend she can’t see me on her free Saturday.  So I went out on Wednesday for some dinner and fun by the water.  This bar had outdoor seats, sand on the ground, an inlet of water and KARAOKE.

We were serenaded by 5 people, mainly two 8 year olds doing Let It Go from the movie Frozen and Fall Out Boy’s song Centuries. They were cute and it was entertaining.

“So what did you sing, Rex?”

Nothing. I got stage fright. I gave her a silly excuse that I didn’t want to show her all of my tricks, wanting to space them out to keep up my mystique and ketkeep her interested.

I’m sure she didn’t buy it. Oh well. Still very very fun.  We took pics together, it was very cute.

We again went back to her office for a little sump’n sump’n. Even with blankets and pillows, sex on the floor is UN- COMFORTABLE. Bad on my knees and elbows, awful angles. Rex is no spring chicken anymore. Good thing she got a futon today.

She also has a 12 pack of condoms. Good thing because I’d left mine in the car.

PS Thursday morning I was tired and slept late.

I’ll see her again this coming Monday to make up for the lack of Saturdate. Tuesday morning I’ll be tired again. Oh well,  if that’s the price I gotta pay, I’m ok with it ; )

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