My hatred for “Only me!”

So I know I haven’t written a cane-waving post in a while but holy crap I can’t stand out when people talk about bad events that happened to them and  say “only me!”

ie A Facebook friend of mine “Becky” just posted “I left my house early but hit so much traffic and was an hour late to Father’s Day dinner.  Only me!”

I know things can seem tough, so I thought I’d write some words of encouragement:

A. Chin up, you can turn this around
B. I believe in you.
C. If you focus on bad things,  more bad thing will show up.
D. Being positive is powerful.
E. I’m not going to name names but NOBODY cares about your being dramatic and your negativity
F. So you hit traffic.  Big Fuckin Deal!.
G. Eat me, Wendy Whiner
H. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
I. Get over yourself,  you drama queen
J. In the words of Shakespeare “Save thy drama for thy mama.”
K. Yes it’s only a saying and I assume you don’t really think that you’re the only one with bad luck, but you’re an adult… act like it.
L. I know when you were a kid somewhere along the way you subconsciously realized that “Woe is me!” stories got you attention and attention is awesome, and you’re just continuing it because it’s just your way now, but cut it out already!

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  1. Becky sounds like just the kind of people I try to avoid like the plague! Why is it people have to gripe about every little thing on Facebook? I hardly go on anymore just for that reason. Only me, yeah right you flipping twit! LOL!

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