The Offer Did Not Come

So, in Offer Is Coming Friday I mentioned that I had interviewed with a company four times and was putting out there that an offer would come.

Well, an offer never came. In fact,  I got the official “It was a really difficult decision but we went in a different direction” today.

: (

Fuck. I really wanted that combination of position, company, location and cute boss.

(Deep breath) Well, that was the deepest I’ve gotten in this job search. And my interviewing is getting much better. Yes yes, I didn’t get it because I’ll get something BETTER. I get it.

There’s still that consultant position that may come through. The money isn’t great but I’m ten months unemployed and I’m starting to unravel a bit. So we’ll see if that phone call comes in.

Also, I did have a second interview with another company today. They had me prepare a presentation based on their business model.  I can honestly say that the presentation couldn’t have gone better.  They (three people at once) liked my work and the subsequent conversation went very well.  They’re still seeing other candidates,  but I think the chances are good that it will go to the next round.

Keep on, keepin on.

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