Father’s Day Gratitude

So it’s Father’s Day here in the US. Coincidentally my parents were in town so I got a chance to spend some time with them,  especially my stepfather. Great man.

My dad passed away in 1981. He was only 43. I was 8. He and my mom got married in the mid 60’s while he was in medical school in Italy. Mom was only 18, which wasn’t unheard of back then.

I don’t have many memories of my dad, and only one that was an actually conversation.  I know he was honorable, fun, smart, and hard working. He was a very popular doctor in my neighborhood. I miss him.

My mom married my stepfather, “Jake” in 1985 and he is awesome.  Funny, loud, intelligent, kind, hard working, extremely handy, very supportive and he puts up with my mom’s neuroses. He lights up a room. “Show business is my life” he says.  Not that he’s even done anything in entertainment other than mc’ing church events and writing roasts of friends. But every moment is a show, he loves to tell stories. Still, he’s a superstar in my mind.

He’s 79 and going strong. Love that man.

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