Feel Day

So a couple days ago, Mona went with her kids on Field Day with their school, apparently where the kids do outdoor activities all day.

Of course I, being I, said to her “Enjoy Field Day on Thursday with your kids, because Friday, with ME, is going to be FEEL DAY.”

We enjoyed the pun and now it’s a running gag between us.

So last night was Feel Day and yes, good times.

Dinner on Long Island 20 minutes from her place at a tapas place, games at Dave & Busters, where we played various games,  including Air Hockey. She had warned me that she was good and ultra competitive at the game. Now, my hand/eye coordination isn’t exactly my strong suit, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from trash talking.

PS She CREAMED me and I now owe her a massage, which is the standard bet for people in the early stages of dating.

Also, we did another early dating activity: photo booth pictures. Some fun poses and some kissing too.


So where does the “Feel” come in on “Feel Day”?

Well, she and I live an hour away without traffic, so going to my place wasn’t an option. And her husband still lives in the house. So we went back to her office where there is no couch but she made the floor up with pillows and blankets, and she lit the room up with battery- powered votive candles (she stole my move from when she stayed over last week and from one back-seat evening. )

We proceeded to go at it on the floor then crashed for the night. Not the most comfortable thing in the world. But hey… Make due with what you have,  right?

And there was a Feel Day miracle. She parked on a side street near her office, where there technically is no parking 3-5am on the street. We were completely expecting to split a $65 parking ticket bit has no other parking options. The town is relatively fancy and wants to control who parks on the street. Permits take a while to obtain.

But this morning?  No ticket on our car!

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