Offer Is Coming Friday

Ok, I haven’t been told that, but that’s what I’m putting out there.

I interviewed four times with a company that I really want to work at, and the hiring manager said that she’d let me  know this week.

Well “this week” has one more day to it.  COME OOOOOOOON OFFER!!!!!

I had a third interview today with another company and I think they’re giving me an offer next week.  Actually they discussed money today. It’s ok, not a great situation.

The company today is a full time consultancy for a company with only 2 employees and a bunch of other consultants. Full time as long as there’s work. They pay hourly. And IF I work 40 hour weeks it would still come down to $10k less annually than I made at my previous job.

And it’s in a new part of the media industry. I understand careers go through changes.  I’m not put off by that.

It’s working from home, so no paying for a subway. That’s over $100 pre-tax a month back in my pocket. But I’d be paying for my own health care, which I’m doing now, but bigger corporations help in that dept.

Also, I’d have to withhold my own taxes,  which isn’t awful. I’d have to set up my own deductions for a 401k but no corporate matching, free money was nice at the previous huge company.

Chances are high that the offer for that one will come in next week….

but will I take it?

I’d love to receive the other offer tomorrow.  I have no idea what that would even be. I know this is cart/horse but I’d like options.

Otherwise I may need to take SOMETHING for now because I’m bleeding cash.

I also have another interview with another company next Monday. A second with the company, they asked me to fo some work and present it to the hiring manager next week. So still getting some action. But time’s a’tickin.

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  1. Good luck – fingers crossed! Our division went through some reorg changes earlier this year and some people were laid off and we were audited by a group that specializes in offshoring so there was lots of uncertainty… all is good, I get to keep my job but it was an eye opener, it made me think of all the benefits I’d be losing, not to mention that I actually like my job… scary stuff.

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