Unbroken Bed

So my bed is just a frame, but lately I’ve been thinking that I want a bed with a headboard/footboard too. Now I live in an apartment that I rent and it’s a little tight here,  but I think if I could find a Queen Size frame with boards that feels substantial but not bulky that can fit here, I’d take it.

Enter: My friend “Larry.” Larry is moving in with his gf and selling a bed frame with boards. Not a big bulky one too. It could really be a great fit.  And he’s asking only $200.

But I’m out of a yob so I need to buy things I need, not want.

Enter: Mona. Last Saturday Mona stayed over. Sunday afternoon I noticed that my side of the bed was giving way. The top leg on my side was woobly… that’s right…


It reminded me of the forgettable though very likable Luke Wilson/Uma Thurman comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend where Luke’s character dates Uma’s character, not knowing that she is the secret identity of a superhero G Girl, who flies and has super strength. But when they have sex, she rides him and proceeds to break his bed.

It’s not on YouTube for some reason,  but I found an abbreviated scene here:

So I tell Mona about that movie and that she’s a superhero and broke my bed. We laugh, flirt and more innuendo follows.

BUT… now there’s a NEED TO BUY A BED. YAHOOOOOO!!!!! Thank you for providing me with circumstances,  Universe.



Today I looked at it closer. The leg is fine, a screw just came loose connecting the frame parts.

There goes my need for a bed. Dammit! It was not meant to be. Not yet anyway.

: (

However,  I planted a seed.

I emailed Larry back, explained that, though I like the bed, I have to back out because I’m unemployed and there is not an immediate need for the bed and spend money. I’m putting it out there that if Larry can’t sell it, then as a last effort he’ll suck it up and will just GIVE it to me.

Stay tuned.

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  1. LOL! I saw the film clip, and if Mona is anything like that, you might consider wanting to get new shocks and struts for that bed! I wouldn’t worry about a front-end alignment!

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