“Thank you (turns guitar over and sees “Springfield” written on a note) SPRINGFIELD!!!!!!!” aka Job Search Update

A flood is upon me.

Today,  I had my FOURTH interview with a company.


I’ve spoken with the hiring manager (TWICE, once on the phone and once in-person), two peers to the position I’m interviewing for, one Biz Dev guy and the hiring manager’s boss. Next week, a decision will be made!!!

Additionally, I’ve spoken with a friend of my sister who has an interesting company not quite in my field but my skill set transfers. He gave me a project that I need to do by Monday 4pm.

I spoke to another company and they also have me a project, due Wednesday afternoon.

I spoke to another firm and they’ll set up a second interview next week.

A friend is networking me into yet another company.

(Pant, pant, pant)

I’m enjoying the opportunities and I’m VERY grateful for the abundance. It’s a challenge is keeping the details of all of them straight, or at least prepping at the right times so the appropriate company’s info is freshest in my head. And my prepping is getting noticed, especially when the interview is in person so they can see my copious notes ; )

Next step is to CLOSE ON ONE OF THESE.

But until that happens,  I gotta keep PUSHING PUSHING PUSHING.

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  1. I’m applying for new jobs. Keeping the one I do from home, losing the one that sucks the life out of me in favor of moving to a bigger city that has more people than cows so it will be a big improvement! It isn’t NYC until 2025, but I’m excited for new prospects!

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  2. Good luck, Rex! Sending good vibes your way. On a separate but related note, ever notice that Rick Springfield’s song is spelled Jess-i-e instead of Jesse? Think Jess was trying to tell us something?

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