Lost in thought, Smiling at the moon

So yesterday I was going to Manhattan on the subway and as I was exiting the subway station I was thinking about this past weekend, seeing my niece.

I mean I was really lost in thought, walking along.  Kind of like when people walk and text, barely aware of my environment.

My niece “Jill” is so cute, she says “I love you” so often to me it really just fills me up.

I don’t know about you but sometimes thoughts can trigger physical responses for me. So as I thought of Jill and all of the “I love you”s, an enormous Cheshire cat smile grew on my face.


But then I realized something…

I may have been happy thinking about my niece, but in reality I was walking up the stairs behind a woman. So any onlooker would see this complete perv SMILING AT A WOMAN’S ASS.

Oh good grief.  Pay attention,  GRex!

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