Mona’s birthday is this Monday June 15th. We are seeing each other on Saturday the 13th. Which will be our 7th date. We’re not a committed relationship yet…


We do text every day now, I call her at least once a week for voice to voice (though she’s yet to call ME on her own volition,  which is a minor peeve) and we have an implied weekend date every week…


I have to think of SOMETHING for her birthday for THIS SATURDAY.

Granted,  I would have already showed her around my hood, walked by the water, taken her out to dinner somewhere nice, then go home to share a “special hug” : )

I have to think of something else. She likes earrings, and I know what kind she likes. Maybe I’ll get her some. And give her a nice card and I’ll write something inside.

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  1. No jewelry! Too soon! Are there tickets to an event you can purchase? Something to take her to? A concert? A book she likes? Flowers to work? The gift is very nice, but be cautious with too “girlfriendy” so soon. Even a nice bottle of Prosecco to share on the beach?

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  2. Jewelry is always good. Something nice in sterling silver would probably be appreciated. You can get really nice sterling earrings at Kohl’s, and they always seem to have a sale going on. I’m a big pawn shop shopper, if you want to get more bang for your buck, check that out. Well, maybe not, because if she wanted to exchange them it might be weird. Oh well, I tried. Have fun on your date!

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  3. I don’t think you have to worry to much about a gift since you haven’t been dating long…But that’s SO SWEET of you to be thinking about it at this early in the game…I like Madeline’s suggestions…Hopefully she calls you soon…it’s time that it happens! If she doesn’t call you soon, I’d ask her why she hasn’t…

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