Stars and Sweetness

So I’m away for a few days visiting my sister and the Gratuitous Rex Fan Club aka her son and daughter.

They live several hours away in a rural area.

My niece, “Jill,” had a dance recital this weekend, along with every girl on the planet. Ballet. And there were jazz, tap, modern and hip hop too. That was fun. I went to her very first one about 10 years ago,  I’m really proud and impressed with the young woman she’s become. I can’t believe that sweet girl came out of my unholy bitch of a sister : )

My nephew “Jack” and I played ping pong a bunch and he played piano for me. I’ll miss his recital next week. He’s learning by something called the “Suzuki” method. He doesn’t quite site read yet but damn he’s good just by memory.

We spent some time tonight in the backyard tonight and made a fire. It was nice to see stars out. In the NYC area,  stars are nowhere to be seen due to all of NYC’s light “polluting” the sky.

I sent a pic of the fire to “Mona” along with “This fire is great but it’s missing something : )”


She picked up and said she’s on her way. We exchanged other cute flirts and pokes via text.

Things are going well. She sent me a pic of a Victoria’s Secret bag yesterday, that minx. We’re seeing each other briefly this Wednesday evening but Saturday she’s coming over and pending the outcome of our respective STD tests that we took last week, it’s on.

Yes she took one and asked me to take on too, since my last one was last year and she hasn’t had sex with anyone but her husband’l in 12 years.  She said it’s not that she thinks I have anything,  just the opposite actually.

I get it and am not worried. I’m very thankful to be spending time with her.  She came from out if the blue and, honestly, she’s causing me to be a better man.

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  1. Those were greats times! My daughter, now 22, was also in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Piano. All though there were dozens of other young ladies preforming, she (daughter) was always the best one on stage! Thank you for sharing!

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