She Wanted My Meat

Ok. I’m going away for the weekend to visit my sister and her kids.  My niece had a dance recital and it’s not an awful drive.

Now I’ve been seeing Mona three weekends in a row, 4 days in all (one weekend was a Friday and a Sunday die to Memorial Day.) However with my being around this weekend, we did the unprecedented:

A weekday date. Date 5.

With her separation agreement, on Mondays and Wednesdays she works late-ish and has no child responsibility on those nights.

So I met her at 8pm and we went to a pub. I ordered steak,  she a salad. It was damn good, a southwest flavoring.

Me: “So, would you like some meat?”

Yes, we both laughed for like three straight minutes.

Mona: “Yes,  I’d love some of your meat.”

Laughed for another three minutes.

Ah wordplay.

The rest of the date went good. We just stared at each other for a while in a come hither kind of way. It’s on.  We were like those two starving people in that old cartoon seeing each other as food:


We got some Coldstone then dropped her off at her office. Nothing that late on a school night. Some kissin but nothing crazy. It was very wet. More so than normal.  And I just realized today “oh, she’s 4′ 11”. As my face points diem when we’re kissing, gravity is pulling saliva out.

Kinda gross sounding. But noted.

She had already booked me for a date in two Saturdays since I’ll be away this coming weekend.  At my place. And upon reminding her that next date was at my place, without even thinking about it, I danced. Not a tango or tap, just a little boogie.

Ok less pronounced. I didn’t even realize it. That’s just how I am. Ugh. I guess I liked a date at my place for a couple reasons:
A. Non-backseat fun time.
B. I won’t have to drive ~1 hour each way for a change

Ok, so I’m not the smoothest of guys. I just wasn’t thinking.  “Did you just dance?” She inquired.

“Yes, yes I did.” Oh well.

PS Today she texted me saying that she was getting an HIV test and that I should do the same. Actually,  it was a pic of the needle in her arm. I told her my last one was last year and I’ve only had sex with one woman since, very protected, and i also donate blood and they check/notify. She would like an updated one. That I can do.

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  1. I’ll continue to read but the title mashed with your first sentence or two made me do the “confused-dog-face”. As always, thanks for a good read!

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