Pavement Beatdown

Busy day today.

I had one in-person interview at 10am in midtown with an digital ad tech company that a former client referred me to. It was my first time speaking with them.

I walked in, smallish room, many cubicles with low walls and it was SILENT. I asked someone (a REALLY cute woman) for the person I was meeting and everybody looked up. Interview went well.

Then I had a break so walked 45 minutes to Union Square for coffee and lunch before my second interview of the day near there. This was with another digital ad tech company. It was my second time speaking with someone there. Last Friday I spoke to the hiring manager,  today I spoke with one of the peers of the position that I’m interviewing for.

Interview went well.  In fact I’ve since received an email from their HR for me yo come in for a two-hour interview next week. Fuckin A!

Then I walked 45 minutes back to midtown west and met with my brother-in-law who works in the garment district. I looked at swatches for whole sale suits. I really didn’t have to, he’s put together well and I trust his opinion, but what the hey.

Two more interviews tomorrow.  One is a second interview with a digital ad research company that I spoke to last week. The other is a first with a well known research company.

I bringing the hustle these days. And for that, you get this:
VAN McCOY – the hustle

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  1. Good luck! I just tried to explain (perform) the hustle for my kids the other night. They didn’t understand it. Your posting may become an informational PSA in our household.

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