Date 4 + When Harry Met Sally Coincidence

So I had Date 4 tonight with “Mona.” Picked her up at her office again and we went to a nearby town on the water with lots of restaurants and bars. Going there was my suggestion. I had to meet her around 8:45pm so no dinner, just drinks.

After considering one place with modern dance music with a cover charge (where we would have been the oldest people there) we went to another place with a band and no cover charge  (where we were probably the youngest people there.)

Very very very good date. Fun, romantic… we even danced a slow dance. I even asked her why she reached out to me in the first place,  after she got separated. She said she had a “Facebook Crush” on me, which is frickin adorable to say. And flattering.

We again had a backseat romp… this time, for fun, I said to her that I wanted to make it more romantic, then broke out an electronic votive candle like this:


That scored points. (And yes, i have those at home to set the mood, and could fall asleep to post-coitus without burning my apt building down.)

And… she reserved a date in two weekends to come over my place (I’ll be away next weekend.) And I’m seeing her this coming Monday, since I’ll be away next weekend. We’ll only have a couple hours, but I wanted to see her again soon since I’ll be away this coming weekend. So things are going well.

At some point, she mentioned that she actually wasn’t normally very forward, and I likened it to When Harry Met Sally when he says that she’s High Maintenence but she thinks she’s Low Maintenence. Trust me, it was playful and in context and she enjoyed the reference.

In fact, she said that she also used When Harry Met Sally to explain something just yesterday.


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