But It Was Only Wednesday

I had an interview yesterday. I applied for the job last week and noticed that on LinkedIn a man at that company had a “Director of (the dept I’m targeting)” so I figured he’s the hiring manager. I then noticed that a woman I know from my old company knows him, so I sent her a message, explained my situation and asked for an introduction. If he’s not the hiring manager,  at least he’s be an in.

She was a big help, sent him the referral, then I followed up with a direct message to him explaining how awesome I am. He replied. He IS the hiring manager and we set up an interview.

Now you’re caught up.

The interview yesterday went very well. I was WELL prepared, had lots of questions, and I’m extremely qualified. He said that next steps are to go through internal recruitment and if all goes well, come in for an in-person interview. 

So I was pumped. All arrows are pointing in the right direction for going down the process more.

And then I said it:

“Have a great weekend.”

Yes, it’s only Wednesday,  and I said “Have a great weekend.”

There was a pause in his speech. “…………sure.”

DAMMIT! Everyone knows that you can’t say “Have a great weekend” on Wednesday. It’s smack in the middle of the week. It’s at the apex of the parabola. And you can’t ask people how their previous weekend was on Wednesday either. Chronological faux pas.

That’s just how the world works. I said it without even thinking. I was excited that it went so well, but also anxious.

“Have a great DAY,” that’s what I meant! “DAY!”

Hopefully that won’t weigh in too heavily when he makes a decision.

PS When I interviewed at my last company eight years ago, I interviewed with three people and on the Thank You email to one woman, Leslie, I said “Hi Karen.”

Turns out she didn’t even notice. So maybe the “weekend” comment is a good sign.

We’ll see.
: )

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