I hate vacations

Ok. Let me splain.

Last year I was hanging out with this woman. Let’s call her “Phyllis.” I knew Phyllis from the early 90s (separately from the woman I’m currently seeing, whom I also know from the early 90s.)
Phyllis was always rather hot and wild,  though I never dated her. I did date a friend of hers.

So last year she and I became Facebook friends. Catchupcatchup,
catchup, flirtflirtflirt, let’s hang out.

She has a daughter, never married. We had a few dates, on the last one we had sex.

Then she went on vacation for a week,  then I went on vacation, then she went on vacation again (she’s a teacher and summer off.) We tried to stay in touch on text and call, but the frequency of her texts/calls waned, until she stopped texting, replying to texts or returning my phone calls. Never found out what happened.  I know she’s alive and well. But boom.  Done.

At some point I took the high road, left a voicemail saying “don’t know what happened, no hard feelings.” Ugh I’m such a cheese sometimes.


Ok, shit happens.  Who knows what happened? She’s fairly smokin hot, other men probably throw it at her all the time so maybe she traded up. Plus I lost my job right then. Or maybe she didn’t like whatever about me, or maybe anything.

But my story is that those three vacation weeks played a factor. It’s a theory. As valid as the others. Ok maybe not but it lingers in my head.

So why tell this story?

Because I need to go on vacation. Not like “Boy I’ve been so busy,  I can use a vacation” but my niece is having a dance recital in Maine and my mom can’t make it due to some health concerns so she asked me to go in her stead. All of need is to go up on a Friday,  back on a Sunday or Monday.

I do love my niece unendingly, and her brother too. And they adore Uncle Rex.

However, I don’t want to take a week off from “Mona.” Yes, I’m nicknaming the recently-separated-but-still-living-in-the-same-house woman I’m seeing “Mona.”

So far, we’ve been seeing each other only on the weekends. During the week she can do Monday or Wednesday but it’s difficult. I’d like to build a little more momentum with her before I go a weekend without seeing her.

I told her about the trip to Maine and that I’d like to see her during the week before, we’re working that out.

We’ll see.

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  1. I’m glad you put the thought into it. It’s just one weekend though. As long as u don’t fall off the earth while u are away, shouldn’t b a big deal. Very sweet, and sweet is sexy lol.

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