Ex-coworker Coincidence

So I’m having drinks tomorrow with a friend/ex-coworker, “Vicky.” She and I confirmed this afternoon,  a few others were included in the plans.  All good fun.

Separately, I joined a Brooklyn meditation Meet Up group and was planning to go to a 9pm session tonight.  It was in the south part of Park Slope Brookyn (called “South Slope” by some. )

So I figured I’d get to that area by 8pm and would get pizza at this hole in the wall pizza shop that’s really good.  I haven’t been there in five years or so.

But this afternoon I hit a wall (figuratively) and I just want to go to bed like 9:30pm and get some good sleep, something I haven’t done lately due to staying up late or waking up extra early not feeling well.

But I still wanted that pizza.  So I went around 6pm. (It wasn’t as good asI remembered.) Walking back to the subway,  I hear “Rex!” I look up.

It was VICKY!

She does live in that area of Brookyn but I only saw her because I changed my mind about what time I was going to that area to get pizza.


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  1. I’m just here relating to your pursuit of that pizza, Rex. My favorite hole in the wall was Brooklyn pizza on Vanderbilt Ave. It was close to my daughter’s first apartment there..I used to sneak out at all hours for a slice. Tiny, counters only, no tables, no air conditioning. It was heavenly !! Gone now, I hear. sigh…

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