Alien Kissing

Back in the 80’s, using the tongue while making out was called “french kissing.” I’m not saying that the use of the tongue started then. Probably not. But that’s when I first became aware and  started making out with girls.

Some people actually made it a verb… “frenching.” I abhorred that term, I think only girls used it. Back in Queens in the 80s, we just called it “going with.”

“I want to go with her.” “Hey Sal, you went with her?” We understood it in context. I believe I blogged about this once.

I admit, the addition of the tongue makes a world of difference. And every now and then, just to be playful,  we’ll just touch tongues,  without touching lips.

Though kind of deviant, I’m sure we’ve all tried that (and I’d be shocked if some particular GRex readers haven’t done that)

: )

That said… I was at the Mets game last week and in between innings they did the Kiss Cam, put the camera on (what looks like) a couple until they kiss. Yes, this one time, a rather naughty couple only touched tongues.

I really don’t need to see other people doing that. Seeing other people full on make out is bad enough. But seeing only things that are normally inside the body extending out looks like aliens mating.


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  1. I have to admit I am a pretty low key guy out in public, so PDA tends to make me a bit uncomfortable. I do enjoy seeing a “kiss cam” gone wrong though, give me a big lol!

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  2. Frenching and going with? 🙂 What about kissing? 😀
    I didn’t know that Americans had kissing and French kissing until a few years ago since in Argentina ALL kisses in the mouth involve tongues. I think only 11 years old kiss without tongues (and maybe now I could say 8 years old) and a friend of a friend who was grossed out about having another tongue in her mouth 🙂
    The “only lips touching” is like a “hi, love” (salute) in front of other people.
    Every day we learn something new 🙂


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