A Tale of Two Billys

So many moons ago, I blogged about Billy Idol’s version of the song “Mony, Mony” during which everybody in my area would scream “HEY… GET LAID, GET FUCKED!” And in my blog post, I learned that people in different regions said similar but different things, most commonly “HEY, MOTHERFUCKER, GET LAID, GET FUCKED!!!!!”

Well, a few months ago,  I saw the Billy Idol was coming to NYC. I wanted to go see him to honor my blog post,  however, that’s not being responsible with my money on times of unemployment. Oh well.

But on Friday,  I got an email from an event ticket company, and down at the bottom it said it was having a ticket giveaway contest, just reply with the artist and my name. I did, and


I’m going to see Billy Idol this Friday. Be prepared to see pics of the mam himself,  mid-Mony.

And the day before, I’m already seeing Billy Joel, at Madison Square Garden.

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