My date has a great rack

Ok so date 2 with the recently-separated-but-still-living-in-the-same house woman was Friday night. We played pool.


I picked her up,  we drove to the place. We got a table to eat dinner first before we played pool. Bella nice nice. We ordered wine and a bunch of small plates. She had a bad day so needed me to be extra fun and charming.

Not a problem.

Conversation was flowing and flirty. We went over my remembering her telling me “take me to bed or lose me forever” back circa 1993 while she had a bf. That blew her away because that was apparently her line and didn’t remember saying it to me at all.

We talked about various other things. The thing is we were scoring points with each other. Actually we now tell each other “oh major points” at something good or “losing a few points.”

It’s all very playful and flirty.  Primo banter. And time flew by.  20 minutes went by like nothing…


Luckily we were not starving,  but I did say something.

“We’re sorry we just got hit with a big rush.  It’ll be out soon. ”

Ten minutes later, nothing.  I said something again. And now the manager came over, said something was going on in the kitchen,  and we were getting everything for FREE.

Well, that’s good business.

The food came and it was good. But by the time we finished all of the pool tables were taken but they knew we wanted and would tell us when.

Luckily, that came pretty quickly.

Playing Stripes and Solids, we were both pretty bad,  but thankfully for my ego, she was the worse of the two. Slightly. But she did know what she was doing, including the proper way to rack the billiard balls. Even referred to the Bridge stick as the “Pussy Stick” (we men do refer to it as the “Girlie Stick”) though she refused to use it,  bless her heart.

BUUUUUUT we stretched the official rules for her, normally someone needs to keep at least one foot on the floor.  But when a 4 foot 11 inch person (5 foot 2 inches with heels) refuses to use the Bridge, exceptions have to new made ; )

Pool ended,  and that was free too. Guess they really didn’t want a bad Yelp review : )

Afterwards, we continued last week’s back seat action, though this time she got my shirt off too, that minx. Ah, the interesting life of not being able to go back to her place.

Perhaps soon she’ll be ready to come to my place.  Though she made sure I knew she wanted to take things slower than usual, her home life is a mess at the moment.

So, yes, of course I want to just tear that up.

And… I completely understand, I’m just enjoying her company for now.  We get along REALLY well. We have a ton in common.  We’re great physically, so far. We text a bunch, and I make sure I call her at least once a week (POINTS!)

Also, she’s even into the Law of Attraction. Beyond “The Secret”.

And we’re asking deeper questions. She’s asking all of the questions of someone interviewing a suitor, including my past relationships. As I’ve stated before, actual committed relationship-wise, mine are few, kind of boring and short. I know it makes me look completely questionable as a potential date/bf/etc . I admit, I embellish a bit at times to save some face. She may be going through some “he’s awesome… but what’s wrong with him that he’s still very single.” I completely get that, I’m not an idiot.

But it’s what I got. One day I may go into it more on this blog. Probably not as I’ve made the mistake of telling a few people the name of my blog.

I wasn’t saying I’m awesome just to blow smoke up my own ass. She actually referred to hanging with me as “date with an awesome guy” in a “diary entry” kind of context.

Well,  beach together on Sunday. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. I’m happy that you’re having fun, be careful with your heart…The ladies with one foot still on the dock while the other foot is in boat can end up getting messy once the boat gets moving….

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  2. I don’t think the lack of a long, commited relationships makes a guy look questionable. I think it’s important to be HONEST…My advice is to not “embellish.” You just haven’t meant the one for you…Or haven’t felt that connection with someone yet…Or past chicks were pyschos or drunks…Or what ever. There is a REASON for everything and maybe you are just meant to give all your love to one special lady…Just be honest. I wouldn’t care if a guy hasn’t been in a long relationship…honestly, that’s better than being married 3 times like my brother…lol…Hope the beach was fun for the two of you!


  3. And BTW, you are right about a lack of long committed relationships making a guy look questionable – everyone discuss this that I know. So, just be prepared not to be defined by it. As long as you are aware it really is a thing with women, especially in the city I have no doubt you will manage the conversation around it well!

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