Sweet Sweets

So as I mentioned I had some cousins in from out of town earlier this week: “Big Rex” and “Faith.” And for, I think,  two nights they stayed here in my one bedroom: one night Faith stayed in my bed,  Big Rex on my pull out couch, I only an inflatable mattress in the living room.

The next day Big Rex went home but Faith stayed here, again in my bed, and it was my turn to hit the pull out couch.

Man that’s uncomfortable, sorry Big Rex

I don’t see them very often,  they’ve been in Florida all of their lives and they’re 10 and 11 years older than me. We’ll text occasionally and we’re all over Facebook. Actually were much closer due to Facebook.  Thanks, Zuck. Big Rex taught me how to surf last year, we talk about audio/video equipment, football (my Jets and his Dolphins are both awful.)

Faith and I are very lovey together.  I think it’s because we’re both Scorpios. We’re always slapping, nuzzling or rubbing each other’s backs. That’s quite popular with many of us.  My step-father refers to us as the “rub me, touch me” family.

No “kissing cousins” you perverts.

Faith left my apt at 330am for a 6am flight from JFK airport and when I went into my room, this was on the bed:



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