Where for art you, Greenland?

So in the early days of my blog (Oct-Dec 2014) I was obsessed with international traffic. I’m still amazed by it, that something I write is read by people all over the world (currently, people from 114 different countries.) But back then it was a borderline unhealthy obsession.image

I met up with a few fellow bloggers in January (?) And we discussed how traffic from Greenland was so elusive.

And then… I got it! One precious visitor from Greenland. Oh happy days!

Now I mainly blog on the Android app. And I occasionally look at the Stats to see which countries have visited and see how that map with all of the countries gets colored in. And by “occasionally” I mean “multiple times a day. ”

And best believe that the off-white-ness of Greenland brought me great pride.

I say “brought” because today I looked at 2015 and Greenland is WHITE.


WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! OH COME ON, WORDPRESS, GET IT TOGETHER!! I even know know what the Greenland flag looks like and can pick it out anywhere!

I then went on the actual website on my computer and, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!!


So there’s a glitch on the app. Ok, in the grand scheme of things, not that big a deal, but I still will report it.

And FYI I have had visitation from Iceland, but that was in 2014. The above map is from 2015.
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