The Semi-Unkempt Look

I gotta say,  I’m getting better with age.  Or at least my hairstyle is. Now it’s just short with a little frizz up top.


That’s pretty popular these days but lemme tell you,  I’m liking it. Never the same two days in a row.

And it’s really easy to do. No more than a minute out of the shower.

In High School and College… before I discovered gel and I still used mousse to give my hair a little sump’n sump’n… wow that took forever.

I used a hair drier too. I would even bring one on vacation. Had to make sure they were all in place.
(Actually GRex High School graduation pic hair)

I tried to grow it long and slick it back for a while, but I’m way too cowlicky.

Short+hair gel+nondescript frizz= rest of my life (while I still have it, anyway)

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  1. LOL! Be grateful you still have it! Us “old bikers” hair does not get gray….. we get chromed!


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