Sargeant Copperfield and the Disappearing Car

So I came home late Saturday night. Late-ish. Around midnight. And parking on the streets at that time could be tough with most spots taken for the night. However, as I went around the corner, I saw that there were about three spots available on the left side of the street, closest to the corner near a commercial avenue.

Boom. Parked. Good night.

Sunday evening I went to my car to meet my cousins “Big Rex” and “Faith” at the golf driving range.  They’re in from out of town and Faith is a great golfer so I wanted to get pointers.


I started thinking “Was it stolen? Wait, did I park it there last night after all?” The days do blend together so maybe I parked it there some other time this week and I had got them mixed up.

If it was stolen, my new lady friend would be pissed, because the earring that she left on my car is in the glove compartment.

In a fog, I walked down the block,  squeezing my car remote so I’d hear the alarm horn. I walked, I heard nothing…


I got towards the end of the block and I heard a  car horn beep.


There was my car.  On the RIGHT SIDE. “Did I park there?” As I got closer I saw that I was really close to a fire hydrant,  close enough that I would get a ticket. “What’s going on here? I know I had some wine last night but I thought I was fine driving. How can this be that I can’t remember parking here? And so close to a hydrant. ”

But wait.  On the windshield there was a note… from the POLICE, telling other police not to ticket my car for being near a hydrant because my car HAD BEEN MOVED THERE BY THE COPS BECAUSE I WAS PARKED SOMEWHERE NEEDED FOR A PARADE THAT DAY.


I knew there was a parade on my avenue on Sundayay.  I did not go see it. I had a day inside cleaning the apt. But the parade was on the avenue, not down the street.

Ok, so I don’t know if there were signs that I missed saying not to park there,  or if it was an in-the-moment decision, but the cops magically moved my car. Is David Copperfield now on the NYPD?

Ok, it was probably just towed, but wow, I had forgotten that police do that. It was re-parked with precision. And not a scratch. I would have expected that they would just impound the car.

And the note was not hand written, but printed by computer with the details of the parade already on it, the only thing hand written was my license plate number. So obviously this is a common occurrence at these events.

PS I’m grateful that I don’t have to get my car out of the impound. And that I was able to go to the driving range so Faith could give me some tips. My golf off the tee is pretty solid but I got some minor adjustments.

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  1. That’s hilarious. Glad you found it!!

    I used to live in a city where, for snow removal, they would just tow your car somewhere else in the vicinity. And yup, you had to wander around to find your car. Before too many cars had those fancy fobs 🙂

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  2. I have so many parking stories from NYC..ugh. Maybe the worst. My son had just bought his first car. Drove to the Bronx to visit friends living there. Found a spot on the street..first clue. Woke up to find it gone, thought it was stolen. It had been towed. He needed but did not know his license #. His roommates here were gone and we didn’t have a key to his house. Had to call the car dealer..who remembered us and thankfully, gave us his license #. (He was 6 inches too close to a fire hydrant). Welcome to NY !!! ☺

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