Christmas in May

So I have cousins in town from Florida, “Big Rex” (he has the same first name as me but he’s 12 years older) and his sister “Faith”. They’re here to get their recently decreased uncle’s house in order. But they make time for other NYC-area family.

And when they come to town, a trip to northern Queens is in order, to our 2nd cousin, once removed’s house, “Maria”. Maria is my mom’ 2nd cousin. Maria’s mom and my grandmother were first cousins. Maria’s husband “Ruben” is the only family I have left actually from Italy. He’s a great, hard working family man. They’ve been married 65 years,  they’re in their 80s and may be a little slower but are still very active.

And Ruben and Maria are renowned for their hospitality, with spreads like this:


For a close look, this prosciutto/mozzarella nugget is heavenly.

We got there at 5:30pm, the meats and cheeses came out soon, but dinner didn’t come out until 8:30pm. Pasta, chicken cutlets, sausage, broccoli rabe. Eh so what that it was late. There was a lot of wine too.

2 of Maria and Ruben’s daughters came too, so between everybody there were lots of laughs, LOUD conversations, old stories with accompanying black and white pictures.

And then we went into their living room. Many houses have a room that’s rarely used and they have a classic one, complete with furniture wrapped in plastic….



Ok, so removing a Christmas tree may not be a priority to these octogenarians. I get that. It’s still quite a site to see in May.

And yes, once again the meal ended with a shot of Frenet Branca

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  1. ha ha ha – I have a friend who keeps her tree up year round, and dresses it according to season – white and red in February, green in spring, red-white-blue in July, etc. I find it peculiar … but then I’m the type who just barely scrambles to get my tree up on Christmas Eve!

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