Well, that was a good date

So I mentioned in A Date From Out Of Nowhere that a woman I worked with in the early 90s FB msged me out of the blue that she was recently separated.

We hung out last night and it was the best first date I’ve had in a year. I picked her up at her office since she’s still living with her husband whom she’s recently separated from and we went to a great Mexican restaurant in a neutral neighborhood.

Pretty effortless conversation with lots first date questions and fun of banter. Lots of teasing comments and delight in the teasing.

I had not planned the post-dinner activity, but I figured we’d get another drink but I had not anticipated that she wouldn’t want to hang in the area she worked in because the possibility of seeing people who knew her husband. I know that neighborhood well so I had to think on my feet. But I came up with something.  A hotel bar on the beach two neighborhoods away.

“So you’re taking me to a hotel on our first date.”


“A little quick, no? Well, I should have gotten that Groupon that I’ve seen for that hotel, ” she said playfully.

There was no chance of getting a room, though the playful comment was perfect.  Similar senses of humor.

We went to the place. A friend of mine got married there 3 years ago so I know it relatively well.

Flirt, flirt, flirt… good times. At one point somee guido walked over, turns out he was from my neighborhood in Queens where I grew up and I know him.  We went to kindergarten together. “Hey hayadoin?” and what not.

And like any good date between 22 year olds, it ended with a nice make-out+ session in my back seat. There was nowhere else.

Date 2 is a definite at this point. It has to be,  she pulled the “Ol’ Leave Behind” and left an earring in my backseat. Or I may have removed it with my teeth : )

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  1. Yay Rex!!
    🙂 I’m glad you give her a chance. At one point I was also separated, leaving in the same house as my ex and of course a single mom. I wish a few had taken the risk you had. There could be drama, of course, but there could be a lot of fun and if you don’t take the risk, you’ll never know.


    • That’s my point of view. I’m taking a risk. Heck I’m taking action. Something new. Who knows what will happen. My main concern is safety, I don’t know how the husband is about his eventual ex wife dating others. But we’ll see

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