Today’s Adventures in Music

So I was on the subway today going to my interview and in walked these subway musicians.  One guitarist plus a backup singer. And what song are they singing?  Ben E King’s Stand By Me:

I have a soft spot for oldies from the 50s and 60s. And I love this song,  I know all of the words, it makes me happy. And they’re harmonizing too! Damn! Here, take my dollar!

The interview went very well and then I go to the Union Square area to get my hairs cut. When I used to work there, I used to go to these three Italian guys “Ciao Rex, come stai?” and the like. So I took the subway and there were these two fellows playing three conga drums. Really talented, great beat.


After my haircut I went to a nearby place for sliders (with bacon-infused meat) and a vanilla shake with Guinness beer, sorry no pics. Divine.

On the way home,  I passed a tiny kiosk that sold pot paraphernalia: pipes, bongs, etc. Now I don’t quite have the green thumb anymore, ifyouknowui’msayin, BUT… whatever music system that had was playing Britney Spears’ song Toxic. And I happen to…

LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS’ SONG TOXIC!!! There, I said it!! I’m a 42 year old man and I love that fucking song!!!!! I don’t know all of its words. That’s just catchy, great tempo and melody. And yes,  the video was scalding hot:

So there I was, bopping to the song at a bong stand, trying to figure out how I could stay there for the entire song.

Now the guys working there thought I wanted merchandise. I postponed as long as I could but the song is over 3 minutes! So I bought a lighter. One of those where the flame comes out like a blowtorch.  I figure I smoke the occasional cigar so it’s a fine choice.  “How much?”

“Five dollars”

“You mean THREE DOLLARS?” I know these places are open to haggling. I didn’t think I had a chance if I started below 50% of the cost. 

“Ok, $3”

In retrospect I should have started with $2.


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