Interviews and Frustrations

So I have an interview tomorrow (Thursday)that I mentioned yesterday. I  studied the company today.  It’s with their HR person so those don’t get too “in the weeds” about the details of the research products the I’d be working on. I’ll study the specific position tomorrow morning.

Now on Friday I have the in-person interview with the company that my friend Sophia set me up with, a possible consulting gig,  I mentioned it in Nice to have a fan or two on my side. Its a big, well known broadcast company’s online division. I studied that company a bit today (Wednesday) and will do more Thursday afternoon/evening.

I realized something today that makes me uneasy about that gig.  It’s NOT the work itself.  They showed me some examples and it’s VEEEERY much in my wheelhouse.

The issue is timing.

Turns out, that job won’t start until mid July. So if I commit to it I have to stop looking for full time permanent work. If the job was starting soon I’d be ok. But it’s TWO MONTHS AWAY.  I need to make some money SOON.

Once I realized that my unemployment ran out I committed to hustling. And I have been. But this consulting gig throws an unexpected curveball. I don’t even have that job yet either. And there’s no guarantee that I’d find work even if I keep looking.

I called Sophia for some clarity. She completely understood and said to call her boss. By that time it was 8:30pm and I didn’t have the heart to bother him about work at that time. I texted to see if he could speak. We’ll talk Thursday at 3pm.

Wow, this is awful. I’m finally feeling the anxiety and weight of my situation. I know this is ultimately a good thing, it will motivate me and really get me into action and focus. But this initial onset is brutal.

I really have no business going on that date this Friday. I am in such a bad place mentally.  Hopefully she’ll just be interested in some short-term fun because I am in no way in any shape for anything resembling long term dating.

There’s some more motivation for me.

Ugh, this blog started in October as my outlet for silly observations, now it’s my daily diary of this crap. Sorry fans. Hopefully I can resume the banter quickly.

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  1. The Friday date is Friday, let any relationship worry about itself for a few more weeks. If you stay alert, calm, opportunities exist and survival is probable. Worrying just sets you up for failure – as counter intuitive as that sounds. I’m hoping that things go well for you.

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  2. We all have our crap moments and this is your blog to share in whatever volume of crap is in your life.

    Go on that date – probably for the best you treat it just as stress release (assuming you are talking about the not-yet-separated one)… Because you know how I feel about that situation 🙂


  3. If I would really like that job I would take it even if it’s in July and meanwhile I will be confident that I will find some short term jobs that can provide me some income. I am an opportunist though. ;)) Good Luck!

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