The Good Vibe Scandal UNCOVERED aka Pray It Forward

We all read that people are going through some bad times and then we say something assuring like “you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers” or “sending good vibes.”

Now I’m not downplaying thoughts,  prayers or vibes. What are prayers anyway, in reality? They’re just me thinking or saying certain things with feelings attached. And I certainly believe that thoughts give off vibrations,  and all of that stuff.

But what I’m doing is outing myself for NEVER actually praying or even giving a second thought to whatever I said I would pray about. Just saying that I would do that is good enough, no?

Anybody else like that, or am I the only monster out there?

It’s me, right?  I knew it : )

Scandal. I feel like I should be on Maury Povich.

I’m not preaching any particular religion or any particular higher power. I wouldn’t call myself “religious” these days. To me,  believing that there is one is enough,  even if its the universe. Who am I to say what’s right or what’s wrong?

Now that I’m actually praying again, at least once sometimes twice a day, I’m trying to remember who needs some good vibes.

Truth be told,  I have heard of a couple people getting the results that I prayed for them.

I COMPLETELY admit that this spiritual turn was the result of bad times.  I wish I could say it started with me trying to help others, but honestly, I’m self serving.


Everybody needs help. And I have enough people praying for me right now, and when I was a kid I had entire towns praying for me after I was in a bad accident. I came through ok.

So I’ll pay it forward too. Pray it forward.  If I’m praying for myself I’ll absolutely pray for others too.

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  1. If I say I’m going to pray, I do it right then, sometimes writing it out to the person and them it’s done, because otherwise I might forget. So now it’s a habit. Don’t say so unless I am going to do it right now.

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  2. Prayer helps–even a whispered, quick one: “May things work out for so-and-so.” Liken it to an electric switch. I flip the switch and the light comes on. I have no idea what happens with the switch box, apartment circuit, the wires, or how the electricity gets into the wires. All I need to know if I want light, however, is “flip the switch.” I like the aspect you stated: “Pray it forward.” It’s an attitude of gratitude.

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