Nice to have a fan or two on my side

I got a text from my ex-boss-turned-friend, “Sophia,” about a possibility of working at her company.  Sophia is a Project Lead at a consulting company owned by a friend of hers. Since she’s my ex-boss from my previous company,  she knows what I am capable of.

She’s always been a fan of the quality of work that I do and sang praises to her higher ups, went to bat for me to correct my salary that was below market value and got me a 45% raise so I was on par with my peers. She even selected me of the three people on her team to attend a leadership conference.

Plus she’s just an all around stupendous person.  Liquid awesomeness courses through her veins. (Too bad she’s married)

And now she’s taking a stand for me again. She introduced me to her boss at the consulting gig and he and I spoke on the phone like ol friends and he periodically mentioned that Sophia wouldn’t stop saying great things about my work.

Now he’s on-board the Rex train as well.

There’s a possibility of me working on a job that they have.  It’s a 3 month project but it would get me back in the game,  make some dough,  learn some new stuff while doing the stuff I know extremely well.

It’s a possibility at this point.  I’m not banking on it just yet, it’s just great to have people out there speaking highly of me.

Here’s to a great week finding the awesome next step in my career, whatever it may be!

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  1. I like the way certain things randomly come to our doorstep and gives us some possibilities, sounds like good timing and exciting. Good Luck!

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